Sludge Tire Seal

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  • Prevents Flats and Leaks in Bicycle and Motorcycle Tyres
  • Each bottle contains 200ml, enough for Two Mountain Bike Tyres or One Motorcycle Tyre
  • A Rubber Compound with Fibres which forms a Permanent Seal in tubed and tubeless tyres with Schrader Valves, Dunlop / Woods Valves, and Presta Valves with removable cores (see the green picture)
  • Permanently Vulcanises Punctures caused by penetration of sharp objects in the tread and sidewalls, as they occur on or off-road, including holes caused by thorns, nails, flints and glass
  • Developed and tested in Africa which has a higher puncture rate than Europe
  • Proved in Race Conditions
  • Seals All Pressures
  • Seals at All Temperatures
  • Seals Serious Holes up to 8mm, as demonstrated by drilling through mountain bike tyre treads with 8mm drill bits
  • Can also be used to Immediately Fix an Existing Puncture, or Air Loss due to porous casings and imperfect tubeless seating
  • Ride quality is unchanged
  • Instructions supplied on the bottle
  • Dual Valve Tool supplied for extracting Schrader and removable Presta valve cores