DAS Bike Shop is a dream come true for the young directors, Ian Redelinghuys  and Ermin van Wyk 


Ian Redelinghuys wants to create an ideal 'all-in-one' outlet for cyclists. He feels that there is a definite niche for outstanding service to the cycling fraternity and his ideas for the future are all in place.

"We hope that soon DAS Bike Shop will become known as THE cycle outlet - we want to give our customers the opportunity to become part of us as well as of the cycling fraternity. We will strive to be instrumental in the development, growth and sustainability of the cycling industry. To date, women and children cyclists have been fairly neglected, we want the IN and will offer them the same quality of advice and service, which we give to seasoned and new male cyclists."


Ermin van Wyks entire face lifts up the moment when he starts talking about his new venture! In 1999, he was selected as a development cyclist - his great talent being sponsored to carry him to the Commonwealth Games in 2006 to represent Namibia. Two World Championships followed and his international experience has made him passionate about the plight of other, under-privileged cyclists here in Namibia.

"Years ago, I was given a great opportunity, I want every aspiring cyclist to benefit from my knowledge and experience. I am passionate about cycling - it offers independence, and a chance to excel. Cycling keeps you healthy and fit - and happy! I want everyone to experience that!"

Ermin is a great salesman and also mainly responsible for the smooth and efficient running of the comprehensive workshop, which takes up an entire wing of the shop. Here, bicycles are meticulously taken apart, the various parts cleaned, lubricated, serviced, replaced where necessary and thoroughly reassembled.

Please feel free to come and visit us and enjoy the great and friendly environment in our shop and the friendly staff members.


"As good as new"

This is the comment the three cycle technicians Ermin Work shop manager and Victor and Devon our second man in our work shop  want to pass on every bike that leaves the workshop.

A happy bike is an happy customer after a great service at Das Bike Shop Namibia.